TD-E2128-TM 2MP HD Face Recognition Terminal

 8 inch LCD screen
 Support IR high-accuracy body temperature measurement
 The face wearing masks also can be recognized
 It will trigger voice alarm when abnormal body temperature and no mask are detected
 Support liveness detection, avoiding picture and video cheating
 Deep learning algorithm, high face recognition accuracy rate
 Support 1:N recognition mode
 Special cameras for face recognition, dramatically enhance recognition rate in the backlight environment
 Support tamper alarm
 Stand-alone operation
 Support remote live view and two-way talk

Contactless Measurement

  • Temperature Measuring
  • Face Recognition Module

Door Lock

Unlock Mode
* Face Recognition
* Normal Temperature 
* Mask

SmartCoWork - Access Control with medical accuracy, temperature and face detection

Face recognition system integrated with non-contact medical accuracy temperature detection is a next generation access control and attendance terminal. Access control device features fast and precise face recognition, large storage capacity coupled with non-contact IR based wrist temperation detection technology

* Face Recognition with Face-mask Detection Feature with Alarm Warning and Access Restriction to people without mask.
* Support non-contact detection of wrist temperature, with alarm warning and access restriction to people with abnormal body temperature
* A dedicated Temperature Display Shows Real time count of people restricted for high temperature along with highest temperature reading for the day


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